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Recharge yourself
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Are the endless charging challenges wearing down your EV ownership experience?

Meanwhile, as a business owner, are you battling declining customer numbers and escalating costs? Look no further.

Woltuse isn't just changing the way you charge; it's revolutionizing it. We're turning the boring charging process into an experience that recharges your spirits.

For business owners, we're not just a solution; we're a gateway to a fresh revenue model, promising to attract a swarm of new customers to invigorate your daily operations.

Allow us to introduce Woltuse, a groundbreaking concept that transforms EV charging into an enjoyable experience.

This is your time and while your vehicle gets juiced up you should focusing on re-charging your own battery.

 We offer engaging activities for you while your electric vehicle gets juiced up. Picture wholesome meals, workout opportunities, family time, co-working and shopping – all in one place and with a discount.

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We will leverage cutting-edge tech and boost with AI to craft a seamless experience.

Route optimization based on your driving habits and interests is just the beginning.

Join us in the exploration of route optimization, charging availability and pre-booking chargers.


You can either create your own trips or choose from existing options, then leave comments and reviews to enhance your journey experience.

Woltuse has the potential to revolutionize the EV charging landscape, and that's not all – we're also introducing an entirely new business model for partners who want to offer their activities and services.

It's time to turn EV charging into something to look forward to and an opportunity for everyone. Are you ready to join us on this journey? 

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Energize your journey by customizing your route with convenient stops tailored to your needs and your vehicle's requirements.

For businesses, we offer a unique opportunity to integrate their services, not just for charging but also for showcasing special offers and experiences.

This way, we're expanding the infrastructure, not only attracting new customers for your business but also transforming an otherwise boring charging experience into something truly extraordinary.

If you are an Ev owner or a Business owner and Interested in knowing more about what we do? 

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